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With years of services in Loan Modification field, we have become one of the most trusted companies in the industry where loan mitigation and loan retention has created a buzz. Along with these services we provide the homeowners with affordable Loan Modification.

You Don’t Have To Lose Your Home

Service Loan Modification can help you, like we’ve helped thousands of others in similar – or even worse – circumstances. Our company specializes in helping people find alternatives to foreclosure and the loss of their home. Our objective is to make sure that you realize, no matter how bad your situation might be, foreclosure may be avoided if you take prompt action. Together, we may be able to resolve your delinquency without a foreclosure sale of your home. We have the skill and expertise to give you the greatest chance at getting the result you need.

What are the options the owners can have to avoid foreclosure and what can we do for them?

We have our loan modification specialists who will proactively interact with you and review the documents and have a look at the alternatives of foreclosure. We understand one thing- We need to act in order to avoid foreclosure. Our loss mitigation specialist will openly communicate with you and try to avoid foreclosure by curing your mortgage default.

Basically the homeowners have four available options during the time of distress:
  • Forbearance/Formal Forbearance: A Forbearance Plan is defined as a repayment agreement between the lender and the borrower. We will review documentation supporting your monthly income and expenses. We will develop a plan and place a proposal in writing, providing for payment of one full monthly payment and a portion of the delinquent amount due on your account. The objective of the plan is to allow you to cure your default over a period of time, reinstating your mortgage, while allowing you to maintain your normal monthly living expenses.
  • Loan Modification: Here we negotiate with the investors so that they agree upon modifying the existing loan agreement. The modification is done either in terms of interest rate reduction or increasing the term of the mortgage or at times, a different kind of mortgage is offered. This is done so that the borrower can restore his or her financial stability and reinstate the mortgage.
  • Short Sale/Pre-Foreclosure Sale: It may happen that the current valuation of your home is less than the amount you owe to the lender and the loan modification is not a good choice for lenders. In this situation, we negotiate with the lenders to agree upon the sale of the property and the sale proceeds are agreed upon as the complete payoff of the mortgage. However, the real estate market fluctuations can create a situation where the sale of the property will leave you with very little equity or no equity at all – or even a loss upon the sale of your home.
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: A situation may arise where you can feel that you can no longer afford your house and neither do you want to go for the marketing efforts. In this situation you can voluntarily return the property to the investors. If this situation arises, we conduct the walk through inspection and verify the property’s lien-holders.

What we can do for you?

With an experience gained over the years, we have helped lot of our customers to reduce their financial stresses. We can help you in
  • Stopping foreclosure
  • Reducing the principle
  • Extending the term of the mortgage.
  • Reducing the rate of interest
  • Mortgage Loan Refinance
In an attempt to provide real time and cost effective solutions, we provide the following services and structure the following:
  • Adjustment, Repayment or elimination plans on past due balances.
  • Convert the adjustable rate mortgage into a longer term fixed rate mortgage.
  • We try to ensure that the loan balance amount is less than the current loan.
  • We reduce the current as well as future rate of interest and monthly payments.
  • Current status on credit report to the three (3) agencies.
  • Whenever necessary, we negotiate the deed in lieu.
  • We also negotiate short sale with the lenders when it becomes necessary.