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About Us

Service Loan Modification is the Attorney and DRE based loan modification service of EstateMind, Inc. , a Real Estate customer oriented company serving as an intermediary between financial institutions and their borrowers. Our team specializes in loan modifications and foreclosure prevention. We provide real time solutions to our customers which are based on the ‘true’ market real estate values. We also assist our customers with real time tools to educate them about the Loan Modification process.

Different than the Attorney based, the DRE based provides completedly free service for consultation, prequalification and reference to lenders and servicers to assist you directly.

Service Loan Modification endeavors to provide loan modification services with commitment and diligence. We work under ethics, integrity, and honesty to serve clients and this is the key to our success. Our team of professional loan modification specialists has many years of experience in the field of Loan Modification.

How Customers benefit from us?

Our paralegal team includes attorneys, mortgage brokers, loss mitigation specialists and processing team work closely with lenders and have thorough understanding of their terms, notes, rates and everything that matters for you. Our processes are well defined and customized according to your requirements. We understand the hardship that you go through and are capable of reducing the same to a greater extent.

We understand that every client has a different financial situation and so has to be treated differently. However from lender's view, loan modification is not the solution for everyone. We understand the importance of pre-qualification and preparation process to meet lenders' view. Client will have a face to face meeting with attorneys and the paralegal assistants include brokers, consultants for legal and financial analysis before opening the loan modification file and all the necessary follow-up and advices during the negotiation process until the completion of with new notes received and accepted by clients.

We understands the stress of dealing with foreclosure. That's why we put our very best effort into helping our clients until a solution has been made. We will keep you fully informed of your options, and we'll follow up consistently to make sure you get the results you need.